New Teaching Spaces – Mobile Learning Inspired

Mobile learning empowers your students to take their learning with them wherever they go. However many formal teaching spaces fail to support student owned devices and the many modern pedagogical approaches.

At Unitec we have developed a prototype teaching space with mobile in mind. The space is designed to support collaboration through the use of flexible furniture (on wheels) and the availability of a large screen tv to each group. These tvs are designed to support wireless mirroring of students own devices to make it easy for them to share ideas. The tvs are also connected via software that allows the teacher tv (large touchscreen) to share it’s image to the student tvs, or the rebroadcast a student tv image round to the other tvs.

This wireless sharing empowers teachers to seamlessly move around the room supporting students and makes it easy for students to share their ideas with the rest of the class. The intention for this prototype space is to test furniture, technology and configurations of these to inform our future teaching spaces at Unitec.


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