Virtual communities and video introductions

Mosomelt is the latest in a collection of virtual communities that I have been invited to join. Virtual communities like these are becoming more and more common as the tools get easier, get more exposure, and people start to see the value of collaborating and sharing with people that they may not live close to. The organisers of mosomelt have encouraged us all to create a short introductory video using tools such as Vine or Instagram so that the others int he community can get to know a little about us. These tools are designed for mobile and easy to use, so many people in the community have done this and shared their videos on Google +. I have found this to be a great way to break down some initial barriers and to learn who is in my community. The fact that they are short clips by design also makes it pretty easy to watch them all. Here is my Vine clip below:


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  1. Better late than never 🙂 Welcome aboard the #mosomelt bus!


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